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Auto Insurance

Look no further for all your Auto Insurance needs. 

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When comparing auto insurance are you really comparing apples to apples? Better yet, what if you have an apple but need an orange?

Ontario Auto Insurance is the most complex insurance product in Canada. Have you been given all of the information you need to make the right choice?

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

I wish I hear this question more often. Many better yet most vehicle owners seem to believe that since vehicle insurance is regulated by the government it is all the same! Yes it is regulated by the government, however not all insurance is the same.

Every person/family is different so are their insurance needs. Auto insurance can be customized to meet your specific needs. Ask yourself do I need the same vehicle insurance as my neighbour? Even if you both drive the same vehicles your needs are usually completely different! Trust the advice of an “Insurance Broker” who always works for you!

We represent all the major Canadian insurance providers. Our focus is shopping the market for your best options.

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You Have Full Coverage?

Very often my team hears that a prospect has full coverage and that is all they want. The term “Full Coverage” is very misleading. To be honest there is no such option in Insurance. The Ontario Auto Insurance Policy is subject to the statutory terms and conditions that lists a number of losses that are excluded.

With the help of our Team we can find you the best coverage options at the best available price.